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Central America Products is a wholesale distributor that sells to restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets, and anyone that wants the freshest products available! The owner has experience in the industry since 87' but established this company in 2006 under Central American Products Corp. It caters to local and interstate demand and imports products from Central America. We serve several locations in Florida, South Carolina, Illinois, and we are expanding everyday!

We offer a variety of dairy products as well as basic necessities that those in the food industry need. These products include but are not limited to: Chips, international brand sodas such as Jarritos, Tropical, and many more. Also we offer sweets, dairy products like cheese for supermarkets to offer on the floor, restaurants that are influenced by Latin cuisine Honduran, Nicaraguan, Salvadorian, Guatemalan, etc. All have national dishes that are well known to the Hispanic community and many of the regulars use our products to further embrace their Central American culture and keep it thriving.

Our goal is to embrace the diversity of today's world that we live in, and help bring everyones culture together, one plate at a time!


Magda was born in Olancho, Honduras and came to the United States in 1980. Her mission has stayed the same since: to bring to the light the foreign goods that bring us together.


Magda has a proven track record locally and nationally in the industry and has catered to the demand that has grown in imported goods. Central American Products represents the unity in the diverse set of products offered on a wholesale
level and continues to be a leader as a distributor.


Our Products

Here we see our products at a local Sedanos supermarket. Another well-known client is Fresco y Mas.


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We take care of our products in our well-maintained freezer and organize specialized orders to then prepare for delivery. We cater to local and interstate demand and import products from Central America.

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3305 NW 7th Ave Cr, 
Miami, FL 33127


Business Hours:
7:00 am to 3:30 pm
Monday to Friday 
Saturday and Sunday Closed